2nd Annual Downtown Throwdown CrossFit Competition Celebrates Fitness

Female competitors performing WOD 1 Cluster ladder during Downtown Throwdown II.Female competitors performing WOD 1 Cluster ladder during Downtown Throwdown II.

Photos and story by: Lorri Markum—

The 100 block of Walnut Street in Muncie became the proving ground for the area’s top CrossFit athletes this past Saturday during the Second Annual Downtown Throwdown CrossFit Competition, hosted by The Arsenal. Drawing 33 athletic teams from Bloomington, South Bend, and other surrounding areas, the event kicked off at 9 a.m. and finished at 4 p.m.

Three workout divisions by both male, and female teams, as well as co-ed teams competed. Three separate WODs (Work Outs of the Day) completed, consisted of varying configurations of timed Thrusters, Snatches, 115/75# Clean & Jerks, 100 Double Unders, 95/65# Barbell Overhead Carry, 70/50# Sandbag Carry, and other grueling feats. All volunteers for the Downtown Throwdown, were members of The Arsenal CrossFit facility taking on roles as judges, facilitators, and workers for the day.


Brian (BJ) McKay presenting the opening address, and Q&A, to Downtown Throwdown II teams before the start of competition.

The Throwdown Competition isn’t just a show of physical abilities, and it isn’t a singular team event like other sporting events. There is a special camaraderie between competitors, judges, and volunteers. Those competing gain the instant trust in those witnessing, recording, and judging their performance. CrossFit in general, provides individuals this elevated accountability not simply unto themselves, but for the sake of the other athletes around them. Battle scars on the hands are common experiences seen among athletes, who take pride in knowing their wounds, represent pushing themselves to their highest ability and giving it their all.

Founder and owner of The Arsenal CrossFit in Muncie, Brian McKay said, “Everyone is on the same team in CrossFit. From the coaches, to the volunteers across the board we are all here for the celebration of fitness, health, and well-being at the highest level in one another.” McKay went on to say, “Many adults, typically after the age of 24, have no place they can go for personal goal setting benchmarks of accountability. CrossFit boxes enable them to attain a lifestyle, and surround themselves with other individuals who all share the same common thread of personal physical, mental, and social achievement together, it becomes their family.” McKay noted not everyone is on the same level, mentally, physically, psychologically, but when they are all in the Box, they’re One, they encourage one another, they support and understand on another, they represent one another. CrossFit isn’t a competition against one another, it’s a competition waged with oneself to achieve the best they can be while also attaining the highest level of fitness and well-being in an environment that supports achievement, encourages the challenges, and provides stability for the struggles.

The Downtown Throwdown took place in heat indexes above 100 degrees as athletes pushed onward to attain new personal levels of achievement. Staying hydrated was key with large ice bins provided and filled with bottled water for competitors, and spectators alike, to take freely as needed. The Caveman Food Truck was on-site with health conscious, paleo meals prepared readily throughout the day. Spectators set up canopy tents as shelter from the blazing sun, along Walnut Street.

The Arsenal is located at 115 S. Walnut, Muncie, IN.  www.arsenalfitness.com.