Ontario Systems Announces Revenue Growth, 12% Workforce Expansion, Predicts Further Gains

Ontario Systems. File photo.Ontario Systems. File photo.

Ontario Systems, a leading accounts receivable technology and services provider, today announced it expanded its workforce by more than 12 percent in 2014, taking advantage of a bullish market position that has contributed to the company’s growth after a number of successes on the part of its customers. The company shored up stability with 80 percent of its 2014 revenue earned through recurring sources and enjoyed a breakout year in the healthcare market with a 30 percent revenue gain in that sector.

“After a year of exciting and profitable growth in 2014, we are perhaps even more pleased with the increasing opportunity to be of service to our healthcare and accounts receivable clients in 2015 and beyond,” says Ontario Systems CEO Ron Fauquher. “It’s because of what they’ve accomplished, and the support our people have been able to provide, that we find ourselves in the position we do today.”

Doctors and hospital administrators have experienced increasing difficulty in gaining reimbursement for services rendered, as new regulations have arisen and patients have begun shouldering more of their own medical bills. Building on a strong portfolio of existing customer brands, including three of the six best health systems in the nation, Ontario Systems has found itself helping healthcare providers consolidate revenue collection more and more to deal with tighter operating margins.

“Unique to start-up technology environments, we have a long-tenured, knowledgeable team that really understands and appreciates our products, services and customers,” says Jill Lehman, chief people officer with Ontario Systems. “They are the foundational building blocks that have made Ontario Systems the You Powered culture it is today. For our newer teammates, it’s about learning from this collection of talent, bringing new ideas and building their careers while continuing the momentum that makes Ontario Systems a great place to work and a company with which you want to do business.”

Best Places to Work in IndianaThe company credits its progressive, flexible work environment for its continued growth, observing more than 70 percent of its staff participating in wellness programs shepherded by a cross-functional committee. It’s through those programs that the company says it reduced healthcare expense by 15 percent last year, while achieving a 3-star AchieveWELL rating and inclusion on the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s “Best Places to Work in Indiana” list.