Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch

Opinion: Creating Opportunities for All Hoosiers

By: Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch— Growing up as a 12 year old who towered over her peers and teachers at 5-foot eight, I was a target for many of my classmates’ ridicule and jokes. Suffering through those harsh words, my father gave me some advice that helped shape who I am today. His valuable lesson was to love, accept and…

Steve Edwards. Photo provided.

Opinion: What to Expect From the State-Appointed Emergency Management Team

By: Steve Edwards— There’s no two ways about it. Muncie Community Schools is at a crossroads. It’s designation as a distressed district takes its fate solely out of the hands of the local school board and existing administration. That’s where Administrator Assistance (AA) and I come in. Administrator Assistance, a 10-year-old company specializing in strategic planning for public schools, work…

Mark DiFabio, President of the Delaware County Fair Board. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Opinion: The Delaware County Fair Board Has Been Working Hard For You

By: Mark DiFabio, President of the Delaware County Fair Board— July 23rd 2016. That was the day that planning for the 165th edition of the Delaware County Fair began. July 12th thru the 22nd are the dates for the fair this year and will be the result of much work from what I am pleased to call the “hardest working…

MCHS Principal Chris Walker is pictured with Kaitlyn Jamieson accepting her diploma. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Opinion: “Thank You Muncie Community Schools”

By: Charles Jamieson— Nearly three years ago, our family moved back to my hometown of Muncie from the Chicago area, due to a series of horribly difficult personal events that were occurring simultaneously. When our move became common knowledge, no less than a half dozen people asked, “Where will you enroll your daughter Kaitlyn in high school?” Yorktown was suggested…

Mike Rhodes, Publisher & Managing Editor, MuncieJournal.com Photo by: It's a selfie!

Muncie Journal Adds NEW “Opinion” Section

By: Mike Rhodes— When MuncieJournal.com launched in July of 2015, our founding partners and leadership felt it was important to keep the publication’s content positive within the 3 key coverage areas of our core mission: Education, Economic Development and Quality of Place in Muncie and Delaware County. Thousands of articles later, that is still our mission and focus. That will not…

Southview Elementary School students enjoy a program during United Way's Day of Action. (Photo is the property of United Way and used with permission)

Muncie Action Plan Supports Local MCS Solution, Urges Public Unity

By: MAP Board of Directors— Muncie, IN—Last week, the Muncie Action Plan sent a letter of support for Muncie Community Schools to Senator Doug Eckerty.  The letter was addressed to Senator Luke Kenley and Representative Tim Brown and urged the removal of Muncie Community Schools from State Bill (S.B.) 567.  Today, MAP released the following statement and encouraged the public…

By: graphicstock

3 Ways to Grow Indiana’s Economy by Investing in Tech

By: Casey Stanley— Slow-moving economies don’t often emerge as leaders. That’s a basic lesson anyone building a community or a business has learned. We’re seeing it play out today: Indiana’s tech and innovation community has a lot of momentum, and the ability to create more high-wage, tax-paying jobs – but not without more venture capital and connectivity to other major…

Students at South View Elementary School engage with James Whitcomb Riley re-enactor, Chadwick Gillenwater. File Photo.

Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Offers Support to MCS, Urging Legislators to Act

Earlier today, the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce sent a communication addressed to Senator Luke Kenley and Representative Tim Brown regarding the possible insertion of Muncie Community Schools in State Bill (S.B.) 567.  The chamber, which represents more than 1,000 member-organizations and the thousands of people that make them up, is united in asking that MCS be removed from S.B….

By: graphicstock

Can a School District have a Brand Identity?

By: Trish Rubin— School districts have a lot to gain by developing and promoting their own brand identities and a lot to lose if they don’t. A brand can help schools tell their unique story, improve performance and build necessary resources, cultivating important beneficial relationships. Brand has long been built around three key elements: image, promise, and result and schools today…