Virtual Home Show

A variety of repurposed wine bottles turned into candle tiki-torches. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Repurpose a Wine Bottle Into a Candle for Your Patio

By: Mike Rhodes— I don’t know why I started making these things. I guess I thought I needed to plan to do something with my hands after I retire in 2189. So, I started making tiki-torches out of empty wine bottles in September of 2016. Good plan! I also thought this new hobby would be a money-making bonanza to put a few more…

Essential Oils are sometimes used in a diffuser to spread their therapeutic benefits throughout your home. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Using Essential Oils in the Home for Therapeutic Benefits

By: Lisa Herd— Healthy house, healthy life! When thinking of good health, and well-being, most wouldn’t consider their house being a key element. In fact, it’s central to keeping your whole family well. Aromatherapy has been documented as a use for healing since the first century. The French incorporate the use of essential oils in their modern medicinal practices, which originally…

The 1st Annual Muncie Journal Virtual Home Show will launch in March.

Muncie Journal to Host 1st Annual “Virtual” Home Show In March

By: Mike Rhodes, Publisher, Muncie [final_countdown id=”DkODro0″ width=”400px” height=”150px”] It sure feels like Spring, doesn’t it?  It’s time for a home show!  You might be thinking, “What is a virtual home show?” I’ll explain. For many years, ECI Builders Incorporated held an annual home show in the Spring. It was held in the Horizon Convention Center in downtown Muncie. Unfortunately,…