Woof Boom Radio Rolls Out LIVE Video Streaming of Local Sports

A screenshot of the live video streaming broadcast of the Muncie Bearcats vs. the Anderson Indians football game.A screenshot of the live video streaming broadcast of the Muncie Bearcats vs. the Anderson Indians football game.

By Mike Rhodes, Editor-in-Chief, MuncieJournal.com—

MUNCIE, Ind.—It’s not like a national television network’s coverage of a National Football League game. But it’s close.

After quietly testing out equipment and their multi-camera setup for a few weeks, Woof Boom Radio’s sports station has rolled out LIVE video streaming of Delaware County football games.

Mark Foerster, program director for WXFN, Muncie’s Sports Station 102.9 FM, 1340 AM says the LIVE video streaming coverage will also include Delaware County basketball games and tournaments, too.

“High School Sports live streaming has been something we’ve discussed for several years now. We’re excited to now offer it. Our radio product will not change when it comes to live play-by-play of a game. This just adds a different element that has been well received by the community so far!”—Mark Foerster

The LIVE video stream includes an audio simulcast of WXFN’s radio signal during sports coverage.

Games can be accessed at this link each week: https://www.ihsaatv.org/woofboom/ Games are also stored on the IHSAATV server for later on-demand viewing at any time of day, 24/7.

Courtney Schmoll is a member of the live-streaming production team. “Introducing live-streaming has been great for accessibility, allowing more members of the community to view the games and support their local teams,” she said.

Players also enjoy the ability to watch the streams after a game, where they can review their performance on the field, or review a great play.

Productions are created and broadcast skillfully, with hi-resolution professional graphics, scoreboards and commentary.  Due to some of the special compression technology used in creating the stream, users should experience a smooth viewing experience, without lagging or buffering issues. Games are viewable on a number of devices including smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and actual televisions.