City of Muncie Distributes $3.11 Million to 189 Local Businesses

Jeff Carrigan, owner of Mancino's Sweet Shop. Photo by: Mike RhodesJeff Carrigan, owner of Mancino's Sweet Shop. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By Tony Sandleben—

MUNCIE, Ind. – The Restaurant and the Small Business/Tourism committees have selected the businesses that will be receiving grants from Muncie’s American Rescue Plan (ARP). Mayor Ridenour and the City of Muncie have worked to award 189 businesses and restaurants $3.11 million which will all go out once the businesses selected complete the federally required paperwork.

The restaurant committee has selected and sent checks to 43 restaurants. Those are: Sea Salt & Cinnamon, Elm Street Brewing Company, Roots, Mulligans, La Hacienda, Yats, Vera Maes, 12th Street Café, Frozen Boulder, the Caffeinery, Twin Archers, Dumpling House, Red Apple, GGs, Queer Chocolatier, Macs on Batavia, Jimmy Johns on Martin Street, Guardian Brewery, Downtown Farm Stand, A-Team Concessions, Pita Pit, Thai Smile, Momma Bonds, By Hand & Fork, Big Shots, Mancino’s, Salsas, Pizza King McGalliard Store 10, Timbers, Brothers, TheIsland, Barking Cow, Be Here Now, Hot Box, Pizza King May St. Store #4, Victors, MCL, The Cup, YummyBuffet, Thai Kitchen, Rosebud, Buttonhole and Baskin Robins.

The small business committee has selected 146 businesses to award grants to and will be sending out their award letters to the businesses today. The money will be distributed shortly after some documentation is signed and completed.

“This program was designed to help businesses in our community recover from what has been a difficult time,” Mayor Ridenour said. “Without question, 189 of them and possibly more are getting that help. I hope this will go a long way in keeping those businesses as staples in our community long into the future. The committees were volunteers who put in substantial personal time and effort into this project, and I am so thankful for their efforts to help Muncie thrive.”

“What an amazing experience that this committee turned out to be,” Restaurant Committee member Mike Martin said. “I truly believe we will see a lot of great feedback from local business on this.”

The money distributed still leaves $894,513 left that the selection committees hope to distribute through another application process with details available before the end of the year.