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Brian Wehrle earned an Associates Degree in Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART)that helped him earn a position with Amazon.Brian Wehrle earned an Associates Degree in Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) that helped him earn a position with Amazon.

By Lesley Devoss—

Muncie, INIvy Tech Community College is passionate about student success. Many students have gone on to do great things with their associate degrees and certificates.

Brian Wehrle is one such student. He shared why he made the decision to attend Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County as well as how his associate degree in Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) helped him earn a position with Amazon.

“I chose Ivy Tech Muncie due to it being close to home and it being affordable. I have lived in Muncie all my life. It was the only logical place to get a quality degree in what interested me. Ivy Tech offers a vast array of technical studies that I couldn’t have received without packing up my family and moving to a different location. Therefore, I chose to go to Ivy Tech thanks to the options they had to offer,” Wehrle said.

Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County offers 7 schools of study and over 60 degree programs. Wehrle was not alone in his pursuit of an education. His wife studied surgical technology and obtained her associate degree as well, accepting a job offer shortly after graduation. She graduated shortly before Wehrle pursued his own degree. Wehrle said, “I saw how proud she was, as well as how proud I was when she accomplished her goal. The August she finished, she asked me if I wanted to go back to school. After realizing the life-changing experience she had, I said yes, I would love to go back to school.”

Wehrle did too. He applied and signed up for classes for the fall after his wife completed her associate degree. During his spring semester, the global pandemic hit. While it was difficult, Wehrle persevered. “It was challenging going to school while raising two kids who were also in school, especially when the pandemic hit during the spring semester I was in school. Not only did I have to homeschool two children who were stuck at home, I still had to focus on my studies as well,” Wehrle said.

After completing his degree program in Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART), Wehrle started a new position within a few weeks after graduation. He’s been working in the field he studied since. “I now work at Amazon as a controls system technician making great money. The benefits of the AART program is that it qualifies me for an array of options,” Wehrle said. “I chose Amazon due to the heavily automated facility with a chance to learn more and grow in the field that pertains to my interests. I’m always learning something new when I go to work. I deal with a vast array of different types of automated systems and robotics. I really enjoy what I do.”

“I will be teaching Programmable Logic Controller 2 class the last 8 weeks of the spring semester and possibly some classes over the summer,” Wehrle said. He will be joining Ivy Tech as an adjunct instructor, starting March 2021. His degree and experience have provided him with a foundation to assist others to reach for their goals as well.

Now that Wehrle has found a career he loves, he wants to remind you that it is never too late to go back to school. “I was 36 years old when I signed up for Ivy Tech…No matter what though, further education is really important. Without it, I wouldn’t have the quality of life I do now.”

“We are committed to ensuring that the programs we offer are aligned with local workforce needs,” said Jennifer Gasiorek, Ivy Tech’s Executive Director of Workforce Partnerships. “We are passionate about helping our students grow into careers that are high wage and in-demand. We see students like Brian as great success stories to help encourage others to become more marketable while creating a pipeline of talent for companies to promote from within.”

“It is an incredible opportunity to work with students, like Brian, who complete these high wage in-demand programs and completely change their professional trajectory. A life changing experience in two years,” Jeremy Brown, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Sciences, said. Ivy Tech Community College Muncie-Henry County helps lay the foundation for students, like Brian, to find the career they love and enjoy.

Contact Ivy Tech Community College Muncie-Henry County at askmuncie@ivytech.edu to learn more about the programs offered.


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