Virtual Home Show 2020: Knapp Supply

A beautiful kitchen design and cabinet installation by Knapp Supply.A beautiful kitchen design and cabinet installation by Knapp Supply.

By: Knapp Supply—

Muncie, IN—Knapp Supply’s long history goes back to just after the Civil War.  After being honorably discharged from the Union Army in March 1864 for injuries that he suffered at the Battle of Chickamauga, Captain Alexander A. Knapp moved to Union City, Indiana.


In 1871, Capt. Knapp was elected to the Union City Council, where he oversaw the construction of the Union City Waterworks.  With the completion of the Union City Waterworks, demand for plumbing supplies was great.  So, in 1874, Capt. Knapp started a “plumber, steam, and gas fitter” supply company in Union City.  With a investment capital of $25,000, Capt. Knapp incorporated his company into “Knapp Supply Co.” in 1889.

Due to his declining health, Capt. Knapp sold Knapp Supply Co. in 1890 to L.C. Huesmann.  With the business growing and transportation improving, Mr. Huesmann moved Knapp Supply Co. to Muncie, Indiana in 1926.

2469In 1930, William E. Price became president of Knapp Supply Co. and continued in that role until his son, Charles Price, succeeded him in 1950.

Under Charles Price’s leadership, Knapp Supply Co. grew to serve as many as seven states at one time, added kitchen products to its product lines, and changed the company’s emphasis from plumbing and heating to industrial lines.

When financial problems hit Knapp Supply in the mid-1970s, a former Delaware County builder, Louis Feick, purchased Knapp Supply.  With Mr. Feick’s leadership and guidance substantial business growth was developed through the 80’s. In the early 90’s after the passing of Louis, James Feick took over leadership of the company.

On September 12, 2019, Knapp Supply reached their 145th Anniversary. This milestone was celebrated with the addition of afully functional kitchen and bath showroom.  You can schedule a no cost, one on one expert consultation or peruse the displays on your own.  Knapp Supply is excited to share their expertise and experience with you in 2020.







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