MACC Welcomes Erin Williams As Executive Director

Erin Williams. Photo providedErin Williams. Photo provided

By: Michelle Kinsey—

Muncie, IN—The Muncie Arts and Culture Council (MACC) board is pleased to announce the appointment of its new executive director, Erin Williams.

Williams, who has worked at the MACC for two years as the PlaySpace Residency Coordinator, replaces Braydee Euliss, who left MACC at the beginning of 2020.

“As the first person to manage [PlySpace], Erin was instrumental in shaping it and connecting the visiting artists to the Muncie community,” said Betty Brewer, MACC board immediate past president.

“Erin’s experience as an arts administrator, educator and an artist made her a natural choice to step up into the role of executive director of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council.”

Williams said the arts have always been “a central part” of her life. “I think they are inherently valuable and necessary for developing a healthy, thriving community with a high quality of life,” she added. “We are all happier when we see our community take care of each other, our environment, and our city. Arts and culture initiatives are a visual and experiential way to do this; bringing beauty, energy and innovation to the community in a tangible way.”

Before coming to MACC, Williams was the program coordinator in the Educational Studies department at Ball State University Teacher’s College, and before that was the graduate coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Williams, originally from Juneau, Alaska, has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Metalsmithing from Syracuse University, and a Master of Fine Art degree in Crafts/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, also focusing in metalsmithing.

“I think I bring a fresh perspective to my new role, having worked predominantly in arts education and in contemporary art practice prior to moving to Muncie,” she said.

“I have confidence that she will be a great fit for the MACC,” said Dave Franklin, current MACC Board president. “I look forward to working with her.”

Williams is excited about the future of MACC.

“MACC has developed so many great programs and partnerships over the last few years, I would love to see those programs grow and blossom, becoming more sustainable, visible, and effective,” she said. “I am looking forward to seeing more from the Box!Box! traffic box painting project, and the PlySpace Residency program, among other new initiatives.

“I would also love to see continued work in the community, bringing neighborhoods and citizens together as advocates for the arts. I see a lot of potential in Muncie to develop dynamic public programming, expanded public art opportunities, and novel projects that highlight the extensive creativity in Muncie. Even if you are not an artist, performer, writer, or designer, you can appreciate the dedication it takes to make creative work, and can celebrate the work of those around you.”







About The Muncie Arts and Culture Council

The Muncie Arts and Culture Council celebrates and supports local arts culture and is the designated ArtsPartner for the City of Muncie. As Arts Partner, MACC assists with municipal initiatives where art integration can benefit economic development and quality of place. As an arts alliance, MACC builds community among artists and arts organizations and serves as a resource for professional growth and opportunity.