There’s More To Muncie! PineAcre Kennels and Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies

Photo provided by: Roo's Holistic Pet SuppliesPhoto provided by: Roo's Holistic Pet Supplies

By: Hailey Perkins—

Muncie, IN—There’s More to Muncie! We have all heard that phrase by now on the radio and the special #MoreToMuncie campaign.

But what does that mean?

To Hailey Perkins and Amber Corduan, it means there is more to this community than you might see. There is a whole community of pet people that make Muncie an interesting, well-known, and diverse city!

For example, PineAcre Kennels is one of the many hidden gems of Muncie. PineAcre has been a staple in Muncie for over 80 years now. We even found newspaper articles and advertisements from 1941 with information about PineAcre and its previous owners. Previously, Phil and Jane Gray owned PineAcres for 27 years. In 2007, Amber Corduan bought the kennel and has owned it since, joined in 2014 by Hailey Perkins. The kennel offers boarding, grooming, daycare, behavioral training, and nutritional guidance.

The property is located just out of city limits on County Road 400 North, behind Carrington Woods. They have 5 completely fenced in yards, all with security runs and 6 foot fencing, and smaller areas for the little guys! The kennel buildings were built with indoor/outdoor runs that offer the boarding pets their own private area both inside and outside with daily playtime in the yards alone or with others in daycare. The best part – the owners live on site! Peace of mind is a huge deal when trusting your pet with someone and having a house right there provides that. Multiple security features are used as well, with immediate fire response and security cameras.

Hailey and Amber have both been extremely involved in the pet community with the business and on their own. Their own dogs participate in conformation (dog show), agility, rally, barn hunt, lure coursing, dock diving, and service dog work. In addition to these activities, they also volunteer with the Muncie Animal Care and Services to provide evaluations for dogs and training for those that need it, as well as for other pet rescues. Often times they take the shelter dogs home to work closely with them on manners, socialization, behavioral issues, and health issues. They also foster kittens during peak season, one summer specifically helping with over 57 kittens at one time! Boy, that was a lot of work!

The biggest passion for both owners is pet nutrition. In September of 2018, they took the plunge and opened Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies in Lyndenbrook Plaza in Muncie. The sole purpose of opening this store was to provide nutritional guidance for people and their pets to help them live healthier, happier lives. Their biggest seller is the dog food Blackwood and the Systemic Yeast Kit from Nzymes. This combination has cured over 450 dogs right here in Muncie of their painful, constant skin issues, frequently labeled allergies.

Outside of Muncie they have consulted with and helped cure over 1000 dogs with these issues. They work hard to search for products and companies that are reputable and make great products. Most of this knowledge comes from Phil and Jane Gray and Linda Arnt with First Choice Naturals – another hidden gem right here in Muncie. The process of finding the right food and supplements is never just from hearsay and reading the bag, it comes from private food trials that they do themselves with real clients that show real results. They have advocated against grain free foods for over 12 years even before the recent DCM issues, using the science of nutrition to point out some of the consequences that these diets would have.

They participate in many seminars, classes, educational experiences, and work directly with food companies to find and produce the best products for pets. The future goal of the store is to partner with veterinarians in the area to help provide great service. When customers trust Roo’s because of the great results, they ask for recommendations for other pet care. Hailey and Amber want to be able to partner with reputable veterinarians here in Muncie so their clients have a safe place to go and get great care for their animals. Vet care is extremely important for the wellbeing of our pets, but many people feel weary of trusting anyone when they have had such bad skin issues or other health issues and have gotten no results. By partnering together, Roo’s and veterinarians can break the cycle and work together to make pets healthier!

Breaking through the monotonous routine of health care is always a challenge and they are working hard to do just that. Currently, they work with veterinarians all over the country, consulting on especially complicated nutritional cases and working to help pets. Often times, they take in dogs from all over the United States to treat for horrible systemic yeast cases, as well as treating cases from right here in the Muncie shelter. Again, the goal is to help pet owners give their pets a happier, healthier life.

In addition to nutritional guidance, they also help pet owners understand their pets mental and physical needs, encouraging appropriate exercise and mental stimulation with toys, slow feeders, games, and other great activities. The other staple at Roo’s is selling raw dog food from reputable brands like Answers, Steve’s, Primal, Smallbatch, and other great brands. They have helped many pet owners get their pets on a species appropriate diet to increase the health of their pets!

Neither Hailey or Amber grew up in Muncie, but both of them have made this town their home and love the community. They help put on a dog show every year at the Muncie Fair Grounds. They help teach classes with Paws Up Pups, an agility training facility in Muncie, and they volunteer and foster with numerous pet groups, including Muncie Animal Care and Services, ARF, Grateful Sanctuary, and Action for Animals, as well as starting their own rescue called Roo’s Relief.

PineAcre Kennels and Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies both work hard to show the community that there is definitely More to Muncie.


PineAcre Kennels
3301 W County Rd 400 N, Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: (765) 284-5829

Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies
3401 W Fox Ridge Ln, Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: (765) 760-7905