‘Safe Recovery Site’ for Persons Experiencing Homelessness and COVID-19 to Open May 5th

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By: Ryan Remington—

Muncie, IN—Through a joint effort, Bridges Community Services will open an emergency, isolation quarantine facility for all individuals experiencing homelessness who have tested positive or are presumed positive, for COVID-19 on May 5th, 2020. Partners in this project include Bridges Community Services, Inc., Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), Muncie Community Development Office, the City of Muncie, the Delaware County Health Department, Delaware County Emergency Management, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, Heartland Ambulance Services, Open Door Health Services, Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Muncie Mission.

This Safe Recovery Site will be managed by Bridges Community Services, Inc. and will serve all Indiana Housing & Community Development Agency’s Region 6 counties including Delaware, Henry, Jay, Randolph, Grant, and Blackford.

Individuals who have been referred to this facility through their local health care provider will be provided a single occupancy room for the duration of their quarantine. Bridges has partnered with several local agencies to provide medical and security staffing, case management, transportation, and meals for those staying in the Safe Recovery Site.

Individuals experiencing homelessness will be encouraged to seek testing through a medical facility. The medical facility will then refer the individual to the Safe Recovery Site. If the Safe Recovery Site has an opening to accept the individual, then transportation will be provided by Heartland Ambulance Services. Individuals at the Safe Recovery Site will be provided three meals per day by Second Harvest Food Bank and the Muncie Mission. Telehealth and behavioral health services will be provided by Open Door Health Services. Bridges Community Services will provide case management for the individuals staying at the Safe Recovery Site and will work to find housing in their county of origin upon their discharge from the Safe Recovery Site.

More information can be found at www.region6covidhub.com or www.bridgesmuncie.org.

Questions can be directed to Ryan Remington at ryan@bridgesmuncie.org with “Region 6 COVID HUB” in the subject line.