Open Door Health Services COVID-19 Updates

Open Door's 333 S. Madison St. location in downtown Muncie. Photo by: Mike RhodesOpen Door's 333 S. Madison St. location in downtown Muncie. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Suzanne Clem—

Muncie, IN—Open Door Health Services is committed to caring for the community safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following changes are in place to protect patients, staff, and the community.

Visitor restrictions

At this time, only the patient being seen may enter Open Door locations, with the following exceptions:

• Minor children of a patient may accompany a patient if no adult is available to remain with them in a vehicle.

• One direct caretaker or other individual necessary for proper care may accompany a patient.

• For children’s appointments, one caretaker may accompany the child.

Call before visiting

All patients should call (765) 286-7000 before visiting an Open Door location. For Open Door Urgent Care, call ahead at (765) 747-1164.


Telehealth care is available for many needs. If telehealth is recommended, a patient will be given step-by-step instructions to connect with their provider over phone or video.


WIC services continue by phone. In Delaware County, please call (765) 289-6180. In Madison County, call (765) 646-9272.

Health coverage and assistance enrollment

Enrollment assistance for health coverage, SNAP, and TANF is available by phone. This service is free and available to any community member. To reach a Navigator for assistance, call (765) 286-7000 and select option 8. Navigators can also be reached at (765) 212-8689 and (765) 273-0440.


Some hours may be adjusted during the pandemic. Please visit for up-to-date hours information.

New patients

New patients are welcome! Call (765) 286-7000 to learn about establishing care at this time.

To read more about how Open Door is enhancing safety for patients and staff, visit us at