Bethel Pointe Health & Rehabilitation: Being a Blessing To Others

Being a caregiver can be a blessing to others. Photo by: story blocksBeing a caregiver can be a blessing to others. Photo by: story blocks

By: Dennis Ott—

Muncie, IN—Each day is a journey to discover, or pursue, what fuels our passion. Most would say their passion is fueled by what benefits them; money, fame or a prestigious title. Few would say their passion is fueled by their desire to serve others. While all of these can be argued as important; I would contend the one that lifts our spirits, changes our attitude, and gives us a peace of mind is serving others. As we serve, we become a blessing to another and discover more about ourselves.

A blessing is a verbal or physical expression that brings well-being to another. It can be expected or unexpected; well deserved, or not. But one thing for sure, it is powerful and rewarding.

Mr Cooper was a police officer… He was a resident in my nursing home. Mr. Cooper’s health declined until we gave him permission to “police” the campus and lock the doors at night.  It changed his attitude and health. Mr. Cooper helped me see that we all need a purpose and need to be wanted.  He helped me realize that each individual is valuable and if I hope to motivate people I have to find what gives them their worth.

Mr. Smith was a resident in a nursing home in northern Indiana. I sat down with him one day and discovered he had multiple degrees, traveled the world and loved to sing. Within 30 minutes we became friends and I felt led to ask him to start a facility choir. Without hesitation he accepted, with delight. Mr. Smith helped me realize that people appreciate recognition and when given recognition we find motivation and life.

Abigail was admitted to a nursing home after being abused at home. Her injuries were permanent and left her in a wheel chair without the ability to verbally communicate clearly. Abigail communicated with her eyes and smile. She would travel around the facility and cheer others up with her smile. If I found myself discouraged I would visit Abigail. She reminded me of how small my problems were and no matter what, one can find joy.

Bob was an ex-marine and found his second wife in a nursing home while recuperating from surgery. He asked me to be his best man. Bob helped me realize you’re never too late to get married or to give and receive love. But more important, life isn’t over until it’s over. Go have fun.

Hazel was a resident brought to the nursing home because the daughter couldn’t handle her health needs or please her. Every day I visited Hazel because I knew everyone wants to be loved. Some just don’t know how to receive it. We became fast friends. I realized we must never write a person off.

These are a few of the many seniors I have had the privilege of serving. Little did I know they would teach me so many valuable life lessons. The health care industry, when motived by serving well, is a community that can bring out the best in others. We not only heal and help the sick; we grow and heal the spirit through encouragement, invested time and attention and lots of smiles.

We invite you to Bethel Pointe Health and Rehab on November 21 from 6-7:30 pm for our Thanksgiving Open House. Your presence will be an encouragement and a blessing to our residents. In turn, you will find lots of warm smiles and maybe even a valuable life lesson.

Dennis Ott is VP of Marketing at TLC Management

(Pseudonym names used to protect patient confidentiality.)

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