Sight and Sound Music Center Expands To New Location

Jason Struble is pictured inside the new facility located at 4341 W Williamsburg Blvd in Muncie.Jason Struble is pictured inside the new facility located at 4341 W Williamsburg Blvd in Muncie.

By: Stacey A. Shannon—

Muncie, IN—Almost 30 years ago, Jason Struble was a Ball State student who decided to open a music store in the summer before his senior year. The business did so well that he didn’t go back to school. Sight and Sound Music Center has only continued to grow.

Along with Sight and Sound’s McGalliard storefront selling and renting instruments and other music-related products, the company also has a warehouse for its e-commerce business, offers A/V equipment rental and recently purchased Diamond Guitars.

Struble said the various sectors used to be in different locations around Muncie but now they will be housed together in the former Delaware Glass building behind Lowe’s.

“We’re running multiple arms of the business from this new location,” he said, mentioning that having everything in one building will also be a benefit to customers. “We’re going to have knowledgeable people in the store that will have a lot more skill.”

So, the people actually making some of the products will be able to work with customers and help meet their needs. Struble said finding the right employees is important to him. Sight and Sound currently has 15 employees, some of whom have been with the company for 10 to 20 years. Struble cares most about employees’ work ethic and business skills.

“I want people that understand hard work,” he said. “Sales are about people, not products.”

Struble said he’s glad to have made Muncie his home. The city has been a good fit for him professionally and personally.

“I like the town,” he said. “I like the community. I’ve watched over the years how they’ve improved the town. Economically, Muncie is turning a corner.”

The new facility is open now. The grand opening will take place on November 1-2. Attendees will be able to meet and hear Foghat guitarist Bryan Basset perform live on stage.


This business is a Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Member and chooses to do business in Muncie-Delaware County.

Stacey Shannon is a Delaware County resident, freelance writer, and is always on the lookout for good stories in East Central Indiana.