City of Muncie Launches ‘BuildingBlocks Website’, Prioritizes Open Data

The homepage of the BuildingBlocks website.The homepage of the BuildingBlocks website.

By: Sarah Beach, City of Muncie—

Muncie, IN— The City of Muncie has launched BuildingBlocks, a web-based mapping software that compiles property data into one easy-to-use application, to the public.

Through BuildingBlocks, users can see property information like code violations and issued building permits. In the past, this information was attainable only through public records requests made to each individual governmental entity office.

The public information BuildingBlocks gathers is from many different public sources including, but not limited to: the US Census Bureau, Delaware County Auditor, Delaware County Treasurer, Delaware County Recorder, Delaware County GIS, City of Muncie Building Commissioner Department, City of Muncie Fire Department, and City of Muncie Police Department while, when appropriate, maintaining the protection of privacy, confidentiality, and security of this information. The information gathered is only as good as the people entering said data at each of the offices and sources.

This tool is part of a greater objective of increasing transparency. “Open and easy public access to data promotes a higher level of civic engagement and property maintenance as it improves transparency and fosters collaborations,” said Mayor Dennis Tyler, who has spearheaded the adoption of BuildingBlocks.

Beginning today, citizens can access BuildingBlocks at this website URL:

Internally, BuildingBlocks enables city staff to more quickly access data from across departments to better monitor properties and property issues. “An additional advantage to this quick access to data is the accumulation of data that could be used within our community’s non-profit organizations and foundations,” continued Mayor Dennis Tyler. “We are excited to see the power of information to transform, progress, and bring together City Hall, our citizens, and our community.”