Alpha Center Meets The Needs Of Senior Adults

The Alpha Center is located at 315 S. Monroe St. in Muncie. Photo providedThe Alpha Center is located at 315 S. Monroe St. in Muncie. Photo provided

By: Stacey A. Shannon—

Muncie, IN—Approximately 18,000 adults over the age of 60 live in Muncie. That number, however, is expected to nearly double over the next few years, according to Susie Kemp, executive director of the Alpha Center located at 315 S. Monroe St. The need for organizations that meet the needs of senior adults will only increase.

Kemp said the Alpha Center, which opened in 1978, was one of the first adult day cares developed in Indiana and is currently one of only two left in the state.

“We do the same thing now that we did in the beginning,” she said. “We provide opportunities for people to age in place by providing them a day service where they can come and give caregivers respite.”

The Alpha Center welcomes its guests five days a week for six hours a day and provides a meal and transportation to and from the center.

“We’re the only not-for-profit that is set up to serve frail elderly in the community,” Kemp said, noting that the average age of guests is 86. “We are set to serve the older set of seniors.”

Kemp said the Alpha Center works in the community as well. Currently, it has a program going on to help seniors keep their emergency information on hand for first responders. Within the next year, the Alpha Center will also have another program operational that pairs older seniors who need help around their homes with younger seniors willing to lend a hand.

“People really do appear to care for each other [in Muncie],” Kemp said. “There’s a lot of attention given to people who are in need. It’s a bigger city that has small-town values.”


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Stacey Shannon is a Delaware County resident, freelance writer, and is always on the lookout for good stories in East Central Indiana.