Everyone is Welcome at Local Pool Club

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By: Country Village/Creekwood Neighborhood Association—

Muncie, IN—After a damp, cool spring everyone is ready for a hot Indiana summer. At least, that’s the perspective of Country Village/Creekwood Neighborhood Association (CVCNA). For nearly 40 years CVCNA has operated a neighborhood Pool Club from Memorial Day through Labor Day. However, CVCNA also allows members from outside their neighborhood.

According CVCNA Board President Mitch Isaacs, their pool club is “one of the best kept secrets in Delaware County. People are often surprised to learn that you don’t have to live here to join.”

Even though the pool has only been open since Memorial Day, the Club has sold over 100 memberships. Approximately 25 – 30% of memberships come from outside the Country Village/Creekwood neighborhood. One of those memberships is the Voors family, from Upland, Indiana.

“It’s a quick 20-minute trip to the pool,” shared Jeff Voors. “We tried going to closer pools, but we didn’t like them nearly as much as the [Country Village/ Creekwood] pool. It’s a very friendly place at an affordable price.”

Club members receive access to the pool, basketball court, tennis courts, and volleyball court.  The Club, which is staffed by certified lifeguards, features a full-sized swimming pool with a diving board, a baby pool, free Wi-Fi, a concession stand, and a clubhouse. Social events include family movie nights and adult-only swims. The pool is only open to club members and their guests.

Isaacs explains that this is an intentional choice: “People often ask us about a daily rate. While we do allow our members to bring guests at a rate of $5 per person, per day, we don’t offer entrance to the public. We call it the Club because community is important at our pool.  Our members get to know each other.  Families make friendships and connections at our facility that are harder to facilitate at a public pool. We may not have all of the amenities of a large pool but we what lack in bells and whistles we make up for in community.”

The Club is located at 8598 N Ravenwood Drive, in the northern section of Country Village Estates. Country Village is located between Wheeling Ave and Walnut Street on Royerton Road (500 N). The Club is currently taking members through the month of June.


Visit http://cvcna.com/Pool/ or contact president@cvcna.com for more information.