LISTEN: Mayor Dennis Tyler Reviews Successes of 2018

Mayor Dennis Tyler in the studio of WLBC radio on 12/17/18Mayor Dennis Tyler in the studio of WLBC radio on 12/17/18

By: Mike Rhodes—

Muncie, IN—Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler was interviewed by Steve Lindell on WLBC this morning. The mayor reviewed some of the successes of 2018 and accomplishments he has been most proud of.

The mayor discussed new road paving, the success of the downtown, economic development activity, new partnerships between Muncie Community Schools and Ball State University, the strong employment picture in Muncie and current job training activities, what’s new at the Madjax facility, the downtown animated Christmas tree at Canan Commons, employment rates of the graduates from the Erskine Training Institute, the Next Muncie initiative and much more.

Listen to the interview below. (12 minutes)