Heritage Hall Christian School Announces First Quarter Honor Roll

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By: Sandra Sigo, Administrative Assistant, Heritage Hall—

Muncie, INHeritage Hall Christian School, now in its fifty-first year, has announced the first quarter honor roll for grades 1- 12. Elementary students received their certificates and awards during a chapel service on October 23.  Students in grades 7-12 will be recognized at their end-of-year awards program in May.

All A Honor Roll

Grade 11: Addie Herrman, Jentry Keesling

Grade 10: Sophie Herrman, Cassandra Reeves, Alana Stonewall, Amanda Wallace

Grade 9: Emily Nunemaker

Grade 8: Jacob Herrman, Joanna Penticuff

Grade 6: R. J. Martin, Noah Hargreaves

Grade 5: Caleb Cunningham, Iris Martz, Ryan Slain

Grade 4: Larissa Brenneman, Ben Brady, Joshua Grunkemeyer Kyle Martin, Kaylanna McKnight, Joseph Penticuff, Simon Neese, Noah Raymond, Jack Roberts, Amarah Serf

Grade 3: Eli Cunningham, Olivia Freeney, Alana Orr

Grade 2: Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons, Eli Gowin, Nate Grunkemeyer, Sydney Keenan, Emily Majors, Lukas Martin, Caleb Porter, Christian Price, Jason Posey, Ckinley Ray, Anneliese Seeger, Craig Ulrey, Aaron Thornburg, Judahcia Watkins, Olivia Yingst, Abigail Zenthoefer

Grade 1: Paige Cunningham, Madelyn Dombrosky, Grace Halleck, Hudson Martz, Libby Kayte Posey, Shreya Shah, Miles Smith, Brian Shields

A and B Honor Roll

Grade 12: Alexis Arison, Gage Buchmeier, Faith Flick, Alec Keating, Bethany Lopiccolo, Bailey Planton

Grade 11: Jared Bond, Alexis McAllister, Hannah Smith

Grade 10: Caroline Rosenbaum

Grade 9: Paige Flick

Grade 8: Kate Brady, Julie Buchmeier, Julianna Penticuff

Grade 7: Sam Thornburg, Will Thornburg

Grade 6: Ashton Creamer-Lane, Corben Price, Kate Thornburg

Grade 5: Ella Brady, Roman Freeney, Chelsea Lawrence, Hannah Grace Majors, Carson Moore

Grade 4: Aaliyah Abston, Jasmine Burton, Dylan Cope, Mat Hatfield, Anabelle Thornburg, Josiah Trammell

Grade 3: Abby Brady, Zane Brady, Alexis Grindstaff, Annika Hamilton, Amelia Weaver, Luke Thornburg, Elyjah Young

Grade 2: Lucy Hill, Bella Jester, Nevaeh Moore

Grade 1: Jacob Bennett, Raelynn Brady, Tremayne McPhaul III, Bristol Mixell, Cayson Ray, Sophia Ranes, Caroline Schumacher

About Heritage Hall Christian School

Heritage Hall Christian School exists for the purpose of providing a thoroughly Christ-centered, Bible-based educational program that will prepare students academically, physically, spiritually, and socially for service to God and country. Our mission is to assist Christian parents in the training of their children to conform to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Heritage Hall does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or ethnicity and is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, Muncie.  The school is a member of the Indiana Association of Christian Schools and is fully accredited by the American Association of Christian Schools.