Red-tail Land Conservancy Unveils New Interpretive Signs at Dutro-Ernst Woods

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By Kelley V. Phillips, Assistant Director—

MUNCIE, IN—Red-tail Land Conservancy is excited to announce the installation of new interpretive signs at Muncie’s popular urban nature preserve Dutro-Ernst Woods. These signs are designed to enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the natural features and habitats of the preserve.

The beautifully illustrated signs provide information about the interdependence of local plants, animals, and habitats within the nature preserve. Visitors can now learn about birds, mammals, insects, trees, and more and the important role the forest, prairie, and pollinator garden play at Dutro-Ernst Woods.

“We are thrilled to offer these new educational resources to our visitors,” said Kelley V. Phillips, Red-tail’s Assistant Director. “These signs will not only enhance the visitor experience but also foster a deeper connection to the natural world and an understanding of the importance of preserving these precious habitats.”

The installation of the signs was made possible through the generous support of individual donors. “The project is a testimonial to our unwavering commitment to fostering a deep appreciation of our rich natural heritage,” said Phillips. “We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the partners who made this possible.”

The six new interpretive signs can be found along the 1-mile trail providing opportunities to stop, explore, and learn with each visit. The signs feature high-quality illustrations designed by a local illustrator and are fabricated to withstand the elements, ensuring they remain a valuable resource for years to come.

“Dutro-Ernst Woods is not only a recreation destination, but a vital resource for nature lovers, bird watchers, families, and all who seek to be inspired by the beauty of the region,” said Phillips.” Dutro-Ernst Woods is named in part for Ruth Dutro, a local science teacher who inspired thousands of students. “These signs echo Ms. Dutro’s commitment to education and engagement with our natural world.”

Dutro-Ernst Woods is located between Muncie and Yorktown off Kilgore Ave. It is open daily to the public from dawn until dusk. Directions can be found at

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