American Kennel Club Dog Show To Be Held at Delaware County Fairgrounds

Photo by: Mike RhodesPhoto by: Mike Rhodes

By: Charlene Rutar—

Muncie, IN—Area Kennel Clubs in Anderson, Marion, and Muncie team up to host five days of American Kennel Club sanctioned Dog Shows at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Muncie August 15 – 19.

Continuing a tradition dating back over 100 years, these local Kennel Clubs will welcome over 700 dogs from all over the Midwest and beyond to compete for coveted Best of Breed, Best in Group and Best in Show awards at this annual group of shows dubbed “The Iced Tea Cluster.”

The purpose of AKC conformation shows is to determine how well dogs conform to the written standard established for each breed. The breeders/exhibitors are competing to prove their bloodlines produce high quality animals that possess the temperament and physical characteristics required to perform the functions for which each individual breed was developed.

Dog shows are a fun activity for families and the perfect place to talk to breed experts about such topics as training, grooming and the right breed for your lifestyle.  AKC shows are an ideal starting place to search for a responsible breeder.

There is only a nominal parking fee to attend the shows each day. Arrive at the fairgrounds early to catch all the individual breed judging, as action in the rings starts between 8 and 9 AM.  In the afternoons each Breed winner will compete in its designated group for Best in Group and the honor of moving on to the Best in Show competition.