Zach Johnson, On-Air Talent At WERK-FM & MAX-FM Recognized By Woof Boom Radio

Zach Johnson is pictured in the studio with his award. Photo by: Mike RhodesZach Johnson is pictured in the studio with his award. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Megan Orbin

Muncie, IN—Zach Johnson, on-air talent at WERK-FM & MAX-FM, Woof Boom Radio, LLC has been recognized by his peers for exemplifying ALL five of the company’s values.

Woof Boom Radio works everyday to best represent the following values: Speak the Truth; Do Your Best; Do What You Say You Will Do; Treat All with Respect; and Work with Passion.  These values can be seen as soon as you walk through doors of Woof Boom radio stations, they are listed on our website, and employees have them posted prominently at their desks. As employees of Woof Boom, we keep these in mind with every interaction we have.

Employees of Woof Boom Radio were asked to anonymously nominate a coworker who they thought best represented our values. Those nominations were taken to the Internal Values Board (the Woofie Award Committee) and one employee stood out— Zach Johnson.

One anonymous nomination stated, “What is amazing to me is, Zach seems so comfortable behind the mic, yet is so soft spoken in person. He’s slept at the station during weather crisis periods, keeping listeners up-to-date. He is a very gracious individual. Due to his on-air position, he can’t get an emotional boost from making a “great big sale” but I feel this award would mean a great deal to him.”

Jay Garrison, Program Director for WERK-FM & MAX-FM, works with Zach on a daily basis. Jay said, “Zach’s passion for radio has been evident since his first day in the business.  All of Woof Boom’s values come easy to him because he lives and breathes this stuff.  Zach’s versatility makes him extremely valuable. Whether it’s on-air, productions, sports, graphic design, or remote broadcasting, he exemplifies the model Woof Boom Radio employee and person.”

Zach deserves this recognition. He is very much a quiet hero of Woof Boom Radio. We are excited to shine-a-light on Zach for all he does for Woof Boom Radio and the communities we serve.


Megan Orbin is the Executive Assistant to the President at Woof Boom Radio, LLC.


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