What’s Eating at You? Find Out Before You Eat That Cookie

Don't reach for the cookie. Photo by: graphic stockDon't reach for the cookie. Photo by: graphic stock

By: Nancy Larson—

As I sit at my computer writing this article stressing about my procrastination, I reached for a cookie…then I stop myself and realize that I am “stress eating!” Everyone eats for emotional and stress relief occasional. That’s not what gets you in trouble. It’s the constant, mindless “grazing” or reactive eating that will put on the extra weight.

Stress eating itself is not the problem. It is what ever is DRIVING you to turn to a drug, like food in the first place.  When you’re done eating the cookie, what drove you to eat in the first place s still there. (For me, I like sweets and stress caused my cortisol to spike and create that craving!) I listed a five tips to help you correct what’s eating at you to help you make healthier choices.

  1. Stop dramatizing! Don’t add to the negative impact of stressful situations by engaging in dramatizing. Even if you are in the “right,” it doesn’t pay to dramatize it. Just move on!! Get over it!
  2. Don’t take it personally. Criticism and insults from other people are often hard to take. I like to see the situation as a “challenge” or “opportunity” for me to improve myself. What you must remember is they are dealing with stress in their lives too. In other words, they are doing the best “they” can – and it has nothing to do with you. Let it go and move on.
  3. Get some perspective. My husband’s favorite quote is “perspective is reality.” How you look at stressful events makes all the difference. Have you had a stressful situation that you initially thought would be a disaster and yet it turned out to be the best thing that could ever have happened? Try to see the bigger picture!
  4. Shift out of negative response patterns as quickly as possible. Start speaking positive words about yourself. Stress eating is both an automatic response to stress and a symptom of it.  Your health depends on breaking these habits. Remember, your health is your wealth!
  5. Recharge…recharge …recharge! Hang around positive people. Reconnect to old friends. Schedule some “ME” time!

It’s up to you how you will handle a stressful situation, make a healthier choice today!


Nancy Larson, CWCC, Health Coach for Healthier Bytes