Muncie Mission Opens Men’s Transitional House

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By: Frank Baldwin—

Muncie, IN—The Muncie Mission has opened a transitional house for men who have graduated from the recovery program and entered into their new transitional program. While living in this home, or one of the other 7 units available, men will be employed or be enrolled in full time education and attend 3 classes a week; working towards emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health. Classes are taught in collaboration with local businesses and community organizations.

“We were seeing men really struggle in transition from our recovery program to an independent life,” said Frank Baldwin, Executive Director, of the Muncie Mission. “We desired a successful transition from our yearlong recovery program to independent living, so we launched our transitional men’s program.” The program has had 14 participants in its two years.

The housing program allows men to live independently, but with a safety net as they start their lives over. Once graduated, men can stay in the program to mentor others. The housing provides a safe, stable place for men to successfully rebuild their lives and become productive members of the community. This project was supported by Lowe’s Neighborhood Revitalization Grant awarded to Muncie Habitat, the local fiscal agent for the grant, with Muncie Mission and in partnership with the 8/Twelve Coalition. If you would like to hear more about this program or any of the other programs that the Muncie Mission offers, please contact the office at 765-288-9122.