MITS and Pay Less Supermarkets Team Up For Grand Opening

One of two MITS buses with complete wraps by Starocket Media. Photo by: Steve LindellOne of two MITS buses with complete wraps by Starocket Media. Photo by: Steve Lindell

By: Todd Merickel—

Muncie, IN—MITS (Muncie Indiana Transit System) is proud to announce a new partnership with Pay Less Supermarkets where two MITS buses will be fully wrapped with a design created by Pay Less to help promote their Grand Opening campaigns in Muncie.

These are the first buses that have been allowed to be wrapped in advertising for MITS.   “Our General Manager has been with MITS from the start and he is very particular about how the look and branding of MITS has been projected in the community” says Todd Merickel, Assistant General Manager of MITS.   “This has been a long term project to introduce new marketing options and create additional revenue streams for MITS as the demographics and ridership change in Muncie.  I was thrilled when Pay Less agreed to partner with MITS to introduce these promotional vehicles to the community.”

One of the buses will have a shopping cart theme and features produce and groceries around the top of the bus.  The other bus has a Ball State theme and is a bright red with the BSU logo as part of the design.   The buses will be on display at the McGalliard Pay Less for their Grand Opening Thursday, December 14th and then hit the streets for regular service runs starting next Monday.

MITS and Pay Less contracted with Starocket Media to do the wrapping of the buses.  Tim Wilson’s team worked over a two day period on the installation of the bus wraps.