Sue Tschuor, Director of Sales, Recognized By Woof Boom Radio

Sue Tschuor is pictured in her office at Woof Boom Radio, LLC. Photo by: Mike RhodesSue Tschuor is pictured in her office at Woof Boom Radio, LLC. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Liz Valpatic—

Muncie, IN—Sue Tschuor, Director of Sales, Woof Boom Radio, LLC has been recognized for exemplifying all five of the company’s values.

Since its inception, Woof Boom Radio has held the following values to be true: Speak the Truth; Do Your Best; Do What You Say You Will Do; Treat All with Respect; and Work with Passion. These are not just words you will see written on our walls, tagged in our email signatures, or listed on our website – these are values that Woof Boom Radio, as a company, strives to live out every day – and Sue Tschuor best exemplifies all of these values.

“It’s important to recognize and salute people whose values are emblematic of the values we, as a company,  aspire to,” stated Woof Boom Radio president J Chapman. “And with that being said, we are extremely proud to recognize Sue Tschuor.”

Woof Boom Radio undertook a two week long nomination process, and after all of the nominations were gathered, an internal Values Board voted on who should be recognized for their efforts to embody all five of the company’s values. Tschuor’s name rose to the top.

In one of the anonymous nominations that Tschuor received, the nominator wrote, “Sue by far embodies everything our company stands for. Her passion and dedication is above reproach, as are her ethics within the company and especially with her staff. I have the upmost respect for Sue and the job she does for me and this company.”

Still, another anonymous nominator wrote, “Sue is a born leader. She has never positioned herself to be only a “boss” as she is constantly in the trenches with her staff.”

Sue Tschuor is truly deserving of this recognition, proof being that she would never expect to be recognized for the amazing job she does.


Liz Valpatic is Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator for Woof Boom Radio, LLC