Pies for Peace Event To Be Held At Canan Commons on September 9th

Photo provided.Photo provided.

By:  Ajanta Goswami

Muncie, INResidents in many communities often focus on divisions and differences, instead of looking at similarities and ways to build bridges to unite and celebrate the place we call home, with a look forward towards building a better future for our children and our community.

The third Pies for Peace event is planned as a free celebration of our community and the diverse riches it holds in terms of our neighbors, friends and families. We anticipate the celebration will be an exciting, unique community building and unifying experience for all.

This Community Celebration will include a variety of “Pie” related fun games; a Community resource fair, showcasing our social, educational, faith based institutions and local businesses, as well diverse entertainment provided by local talent(s) from different community “neighborhoods”.

Pies for Peace utilizes the simple concept of bringing people together over a piece of free American Pie, as the stepping stone to start conversations about who we are and what we share in common, all with the focus of getting to know and understand one another.

 “What I like most about this celebration and Pies for Peace generally is that they are attempting to bring people together to celebrate each other and the place we live, celebrating the diversity of our community, sharing who we are and growing to know one another at a deeper level.  There are no specific issue goals, or political goals. The goal is understanding the quilt of many colors that is Muncie and Delaware County and helping people bond together as a community.”—Dr. Jay Zimmerman, PhD

Goals of the third event:

  1. To nurture identity, understanding, acceptance and unity through diversity among all citizens of our community by offering fun pie-related opportunities to engage in friendly conversation and bonding.
  2. To provide an opportunity to showcase the creative talents of our community’s many diverse backgrounds.
  3. To celebrate the place we call home and recognize the pride and image we have in our community through acknowledging local educational, civic, entertainment and social organization that play such an important role in our community.
  4. To share information and foster collaboration between educational, civic and social agencies and locally owned and operated businesses while celebrating their integral role in the sustainability and development of our community

Pies for Peace: 2017 Overview

Pies for Peace, is a coalition of 16 likeminded individuals from Delaware County who came together, to focus efforts on ways to build bridges, to unite in a meaningful way and to progress forward as a cohesive community.


 We seek to bring the citizens of our community together to promote peace and a meaningful future for ourselves and for our children. This endeavor aims to foster understanding and acceptance of all people regardless of the country of origin, color of their skin, choice of politics and religion, age or ability, gender, sexual orientation or diverse world views.

 To date, Pies for Peace has hosted two successful Community events.

The first event in partnership with Muncie Public Library, “Our Community: One Community, was held on January 20, 2017 at Maring Hunt Library. Over 200 participants gathered to have conversations over a piece of pie, to get to know one another, as accepting neighbors and to learn about what we share in common.

The second event ‘Our Community: Our Heritage’ partnered with Minnetrista Center on April 29th 2017, hosted over 120 participants.  The keynote speaker, Dr. Jim Connolly addressed the Middletown Study.  In addition, twelve Community story tellers shared their unique stories of coming to and remaining in our community. Participants joined in enthusiastically in the stimulating table conversations forging new friendships and meaningful bonds.


Community Partners: Past & Present

  • City of Muncie
  • Muncie Action Plan, & BY5
  • Ivy Tech Community College & Chesterfields
  • Huffer Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Prevent Child Abuse Council of Delaware County
  • Muncie Public Library, & Minnetrista Cultural Center