Muncie Authors Bill and Katie Frederick Publish Second Children’s Book

A Jason Harlow illustration from Bill and Katie Frederick's new children's book, “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day."A Jason Harlow illustration from Bill and Katie Frederick's new children's book, “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day."

By: Katie Frederick—

Local Muncie authors Bill and Katie Frederick will introduce their second picture book on November 7th at the Unitarian Universalist annual Bazaar in the Woods. The new book is titled, “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day.” The star of the book is soup loving Patches Turtle.

This engaging picture book for the preschool and beginning reader teaches the importance of being kind to others, adventurous, and careful. Illustrator Jason Harlow also depicts minute details that will keep children engaged for long periods, trying to figure out just what that little Lemon Toad is up to as he trails along.

Lighthearted suspense is injected into the book of “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day,” as the story unfolds with the small mishaps of Patches Dragon, nonstop talking of Chatty Blue Cricket, counting from Redfoot Rabbit, and the perfect way Bushy Bear helps Patches solves problems.

“Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day." Illustrations by: Jason Harlow

“Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day.” Illustrations by: Jason Harlow

Book reader and soup lover, Patches Turtle experiences quite a day on his quest for the best stone soup. He adapts to a challenging transformation and engages with a diverse group of old and new friends.

As Patches approaches Kickapoo Lake, blustery wind blows a magical hat on his head. Patches hears a tiny, strange voice, grabs the hat and asks “Did you just talk?” Instantly he sees the reflection of a dragon in the lake.

He coughs, sputters, and his eyes water. Fire shoots from his mouth! Patches transforms into a DRAGON!

Friends Redfoot Rabbit and Bushy Bear are startled and spellbound by the fire-breathing dragon but hesitatingly follow their friend. They see a distressed Chatty Blue Cricket and ultimately help celebrate her birthday. When they finally reach the Stone Soup Cafe, owner Mama G is crying. It’s lunchtime and her stove is not working.

How will a dragon, rabbit, bear and cricket help Mama G? Why does Patches say this was the greatest day of his life?

To find out the answers, you may get the book “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day” online, directly from Amazon OR Barnes and Noble.

More information and photos are available at LemonToadBooks. For an autographed book, you may complete the contact form on the website.

About the Authors:

Bill and Katie Frederick published The Kite Surprise, their first picture book in 2011. Bill, a clinical mental health therapist for over 40 years, maintains a private practice in Muncie, Indiana, where the couple resides. Katie retired from executive positions in the nonprofit arena and business start-up enterprises.

For more information about “Patches and the Delightful Dragon Day”contact:

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