Grace Huisman—Member of Pridemark Construction’s ‘Future Leaders of America’ Series

Yorktown High School senior Grace Huisman—member of Pridemark Construction's 'Future Leaders of America' series.Yorktown High School senior Grace Huisman—member of Pridemark Construction's 'Future Leaders of America' series.

By Stacey A. Shannon—

MUNCIE, Ind.—Editor’s note: The Future Leaders of America series on profiles high school seniors who display leadership qualities in their school and the community. The series is brought to you by Pridemark Construction.

Not many high school students can say they’ve participated in multiple triathlons, but Yorktown High School senior Grace Huisman is one of them. Those triathlons are in addition to her regular high school sports as well, including cross country, swimming and track.

“I love participating in triathlons,” Huisman said. “That’s something I’ve just picked up over the last couple of years.”

Parents of teammates and friends who also participated in triathlons have mentored her, which Huisman appreciates. Making those connections and having activities overlap has been common throughout high school, Huisman said.

For example, Huisman is also a member of the Key Club. In September, the Key Club volunteered at the Muncie triathlon. That gave Huisman a chance to show her friends what triathlons are like.

“Getting to know people, you realize the world is a small place and just how connected you really are,” she said.

Along with Key Club and sports, Huisman is also a member of the National Honors Society, Yorktown’s mentor program, DECA and FCCLA. DECA gives students the chance to work on business development skills while FCCLA is a leadership program.

Piano is another of Huisman’s passions. She participates in various competitions, but mostly she just enjoys playing.

“I love having music as a hobby and passion of mine,” she said.

To manage her multiple activities and schoolwork, Huisman has learned to communicate well with her teachers and coaches. She pointed out that coaches and teachers know students have multiple activities and are usually understanding when she occasionally lets them know she needs to take an evening and focus on just one thing.

“Sometimes you can’t micromanage every aspect, and you just have to be present with one activity,” she said.

Huisman plans to continue her activities in college next year where she will study exo-science and physical therapy. She is grateful for her time at Yorktown and how much the school has allowed her to grow. She credits the positive atmosphere at the school for helping her come out of her shell and get involved. Huisman encourages younger students to get involved at school and enjoy getting to know others.

“It’s amazing having this community that we have,” Huisman said. “I think I’ve been able to use those experiences and give them back to people and help people find their own ways through school and grow and get this experience.”








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