Westminster Village: Tips To Help Seniors Prepare For Winter

Tips To Help Seniors Prepare For Winter. Photo providedTips To Help Seniors Prepare For Winter. Photo provided

By: Melody Scoble, Residential Admissions Coordinator—

Muncie, IN—Winter is coming, and unless you live in a warm climate, there is no getting around the cold winter months.  Winter can make life challenging for everyone, especially our older adults, causing hypothermia, poor road conditions that lead to driving accidents and injuries caused by falls.

Here are some tips that might help senior adults to successfully navigate winter:

• Avoid walking outside when the conditions are icy. Have a neighbor bring in your mail for you. Make sure your steps and sidewalks are cleared and salted.

• Be prepared for power outages. Many times, winter storms lead to power outages, so have a battery powered radio and flashlight handy. Have plenty of warm blankets easily assessable. If your power is out a long time, causing what is in your refrigerator to spoil, so make sure you have non-perishable food that can be consumed without needing to be cooked.

• Winterize your car. Before winter, make sure to have your car serviced. It is important to check things like oil, tires, battery and wipers. This will make a huge difference on the winter roads. If you take a longer trip, put a spare shovel in the trunk along with some cat litter. If you need traction to move your car then the cat litter can help. It never hurts to have a warm blanket, some energy bars and bottled water with you, just in case. Your cell phone should be charged and ready to go.

• Dress warmly when you go out. Wearing layers is always a good idea. Bundle up by wearing a warm coat, hat and gloves. Wear shoes or boots with proper tread to avoid slips.

• Eat a varied diet. Since you will be spending more time indoors and eating a smaller variety of foods, this can cause nutritional deficits, especially deficiency of Vitamin D. Nutritionists recommend eating more foods that are fortified with Vitamin D, such as milk, grains, and seafood options, like tuna and salmon.

If you find that the idea of spending another winter in your home alone is not something you want to do this year, consider our Safe & Warm Programand spend the winter months in one of our furnished apartments at Westminster Village.  You will find friends to do things with, there are exercise classes, daily activities, and delicious meals served in one of our dining rooms. There will be no slipping on ice as you walk to your mailbox and you can do your banking without stepping a toe outside. Shop at our gift shoppe or visit our beauty salon. If you find you do need to go out, our driver will be happy to take you on the Village Bus. All you need to do is pack a bag along with your toothbrush!

For more details on our Safe & Warm Program, or to schedule a tour, have lunch on us and receive a free gift, call Tyler or Melody at 765-288-2155.

Visit our website at wvmuncie.com and be sure to like our Facebook page for more details as well as upcoming exciting events!


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