Delaware County Commissioners Celebrate 2017 Successes

Daleville Town Park. File photo.Daleville Town Park. File photo.

By: Augusta Consulting—

Highlights include 2017 new jobs and investment; County building momentum for 2018

Delaware County – County officials highlighted a year of accomplishments at the January 16th Commissioners meeting. With a focus on the small towns and locally owned businesses of Delaware County. Augusta Consulting, the county’s privatized economic development agent, touted new jobs, capital improvement projects, and more than $17 million in investments in 2017.

“Delaware County officials have proactively sought investment and opportunity for the residents of our county, and 2017 marked a year of significant progress,” said James King, President of the County Commissioners. “These efforts improved the economic stability of our County and the quality of place for those that live and work here.”

In 2017, together with county officials, Augusta Consulting brought 131 new jobs, more than $11 million in building and property investment and more than $6 million in new equipment investment. In addition, the economic development efforts also steered $1.7 million in economic development income tax (EDIT) to local towns within the county.

County Commissioner, Sherry Riggin, emphasized the success of our local retention efforts within the county saying, “By actively working to communicate with existing businesses to meet their needs, local businesses expanded the tax base and helped clean-up several blighted properties throughout the county.”

Notable projects, include:

  • Economic development projects with Littler Diecast/Brahm Corp., Real America, United Construction Services, Mid-West Metal Products, Jay Crew Landscaping, Adsit Company, TMAX, CTP Investments, Rebar Development
  • Job retention and $465K investment from Delaware Glass
  • Cole Academy $800K investment with up to 20 new jobs
  • $4.2 million Town of Daleville Splash Pad

“As an agent of economic growth for Delaware County, Augusta Consulting is thrilled to celebrate the successes and momentum generated in 2017,” said Brad Bookout, Director. “We worked with dedicated county officials to set measurable goals, while actively pursuing those goals throughout the year for the betterment of the county and towns we serve.”

With an eye toward 2018, development efforts continue to promote the opportunities along I-69, enhance quality of place amenities throughout the county, and further collaboration among local companies and communities.

“Our concerted approach to economic development has fostered results-driven tactics that are working in our county. Building off of the successes of 2017, I am very encouraged for 2018,’’ said Commissioner Henry.

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Click on the image above  to open the entire economic development report.



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